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  • What to see in Jokhang Temple?

    2018-08-09 161 Views

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    Life-sized Statue of Shakyamuni

    The Jowo Rinpoche (or Jowo Shayamuni), a life-sized (5 foot/1.5m) statue of the Shakyamuni of age 12, is the treasure of Jokhang Temple as well as the great collection of Tibet. It is said that the Jowo Rinpoche was made in India and later was given to China as a gift. When Tubo King Songtsan Gambo married Chinese Princess Wenchen during Tang Dynasty, Jowo Rinpoche, along with extraordinary Tibet religious art treasures was brought to Lhasa as dowry in 641. There are many pilgrims coming Jokhang Temple from different places in the world to pay homage to the Jowo Rinpoche. They believe that one devoted prayer will bring their blessedness.

    Various Statues of Buddha & Exquisite Murals

    The interior of Jokhang Temple is an atmospheric labyrinth of chapels dedicated to various gods and bodhisattvas, illuminated by votive candles and thick with the smoke of incense. There are full of thousands of hundreds of Buddhist statues and images which were brought by the two princesses (Wencheng & Bhrikuti) as part of their dowries. While walking through those atmospheric labyrinthes of chapels for various gods and bodhisattva, you may feel like getting back to the ancient mysterious land and find all around you is religion. On the right side of the front gate of Jokhang Temple are two murals, with one depicting the procession of princess Wencheng arriving in Tibet and the other describing how the Jokhang Temple was built. Some other fine murals and Thangkas hanging on the walls are also worthy of your visiting.

    Featured Building


    Jokhang Temple enjoys a long history of over 1,000 years and holds a high status in Tibetan Buddhism. It is the existing most resplendent monastery built in Tubo Dynasty and the earliest civil structure in Tibet. Combining the feature of Chinese, Tibetan and Nepalese architecture, Jokhang Temple becomes a model of Tibetan Buddhist building. As you get close to Jokhang Temple, you eyes will firstly be caught by the beautiful golden roof. There are still something preserved in spite of several destructions. Under the roof, you can find the original wooden beams and rafters. In the lobby, there are Newari door frames, columns and finials from the 7th and 8th centuries.

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