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  • What is the altitude of Lhasa? What’s the weather like in Lhasa?

    2018-08-10 210 Views

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    Lhasa is located in the middle of Tibet, which is the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region and also the center of politics, economy and culture. Lhasa is located on the roof of the world with an altitude of 3658 meters, which is one of the highest cities around the world, higher in the north and lower in the south. The tributary of the Yarlung Zangbo River runs through the territory. The midstream river valley of Lhasa River is located on the South Central Lhasa, which the land is fertile. The air is thin and the gap of temperature between day and night is big in Lhasa with few rainfalls. And it is so cool in summer. The rainfalls are about 453.9 millimeters on average every year. And the temperature is about 7.5 degrees centigrade on average, which belongs to plateau monsoon of temperate zone. It is known as the “ City of Light” because of its high elevation, thin air ,intense and ample sunshine, cool weather and little suspended matter.



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