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    2018-04-13 吴伟华 256 Views

    Shanan, here, is the birthplace of Tibetan culture and is the soul of Tibet. Shanan is the birthplace of Tibetan people and Tibetan culture. There is no unique architecture and no bustling city, but here is the first palace in Tibetan history, the first tsan-po and the first temple with three treasures. The first scripture book, the first piece of farmland, the first village ..... Shanan almost includes all the "firsts" of Tibet. You will see the authentic Tibetan culture and the more primitive Tibetan people customs.The Shanan region has a large number of ancient cultural relics and very rich tourism resources: both magnificent mountains and rivers, and the mysterious holy mountains and the holy lake; both the picturesque primeval forest, but also the vast expansive grassland.

    Best season: all year around.The Shanan area is located in the valley in the midstream of the Brahmaputra River and belongs to temperate semi-arid and semi-humid plateau monsoon climates. It is characterized by long winters, no summers, no cold winters and no hot spring and autumn.

    Suggested travel length: 3-6 days


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