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  • Shigatse and Gyantse

    2018-04-13 吴伟华 268 Views

    Shigatse is located in the southwest of Tibet and is currently the second largest city in Tibet. It boasts beautiful natural scenery and unique post-Tibetan life. It is known as the “most desirable and beautiful manor”. Continuing to go southwards from Shigatse, you can reach Everest, the highest peak in the world, and can reach Nagqu directly northwards, and reach Lhasa and Shannan eastwards, and Ali westwards. Shigatse boasts the highest peak in the world - Mt. Everest. Every year many people with aspirations are eager to realize the dream of challenging the limit of human beings here.This area is the place where the Panchen Lamas of all dynasties were stationed. The famous temples, such as Tashilumpo monastery, Sakya Monastery, Pelkor Monastery, and Shalu Monastery, form rich religious culture of many religious sects. Shigatse boasts beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural landscapes: the ice peaks and snow-capped mountains headed by Mount Everest, beautifully virgin forest belts, and sacred mountains, sacred lakes and grasslands, mysterious and legendary famous temples and the unique post-Tibetan human customs... Let tourists understand the historical traces of Tibetan social development.

    Best season: June-November. There is plenty of sunshine and a mild climate in Shigatse. The weather and tourist facilities here are good, so you can enjoy beautiful scenery at any time. However, if you are going to Mt. Everest, you must know that from October to April of  the next year it is not suitable for tourism because of the cold weather. In addition, in July and August it is the rainy season. With rain and fog you cannot see Mount Everest clearly, either. The best time to view Everest, climb Lhotse, and other snow peaks is from April to June each year. Many snow mountain climbers will also choose this time to visit Shigatse.

    Suggested traveling length: 2-5 days

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