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  • Namtso lake and Nagqu

    2018-04-13 吴伟华 278 Views

    Nagqu Town is located in the north-central part of Tibet, between Tanggula Mountain and Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains. It is the largest town in northern Tibet and has a total population of 67,000.The most beautiful and liveliest time in Nagqu is the golden season of August each year. The annual horse racing festival is held here. In addition to gathering herdsmen and vendors, domestic and foreign travelers also come here. The racecourse is just in the south of Nagqu Town. During the horse racing, you can not only see the knights’ elegance in northern Tibet, but also enjoy unique folk tourism. You can also participate in various folk songs and dances. The Lake Namtso is about 200 kilometers in the northwest of Lhasa. It is the highest saltwater lake in the world. It is the largest lake in Tibet and a holy place for pilgrims.“Lake Namtso” means heavenly lake, spirit lake or God lake. The five islands in the lake stand among the hectares of blue waves. Buddhists say that they are the incarnations of the Five Buddhas. Those who go to the God lake to worship the Buddha will piously bend the knees in worship.

    Best season: May-September are the best. November to March of the following year is a dry and windy period, with a dry climate, low temperatures, oxygen deficit and sandstorms, which last for a long time. May-September is relatively warm and is the golden season of the grassland. During this period, the climate is mild, the weather is calm, and the rainfall accounts for 80% of the whole year. The growth period of green plants is about 100 days throughout the year, and all are concentrated in this season. At this time, the grassland is green and all are flourishing.

    Suggested traveling length: 3-4 days

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