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    2018-04-13 吴伟华 301 Views

    Tourists’ impression

    The "city of sunlight" Lhasa is home to many people's hearts. At an altitude of more than 3,700 meters, the thick religious atmosphere and long history of historical sites make people excited.

    Walk Into Lhasa

    Lhasa, in Tibetan, means the place where God lives.It is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region and is 3700 meters above sea level. It is called 'Sunshine City'. He is a holy city in the hearts of Tibetans and is now a 'sacred city' for tourists.It was not quite right to say that it was a city a few years ago, but now it is getting closer to the big cities we are familiar with. There are hotels, banks, shopping malls, and specialty stores. It is so bustling that you can not believe it sits on a snow-covered plateau.In the tea houses on the streets and alleys, you can still smell the old taste in the crowded streets of Barkhor Street. You will still love this place.Put your palms together devoutly In front of the square of the Potala Palace, gaze the power of faith before the Jokhang Temple, feel the warmth of the prayer wheels with your fingernails, listen to the sound of the city in sweet tea houses, lazily lie in the recliner surrounded by sunlight, ramble leisurely by the Lhasa River. Of course, you can do more. Overlooking the Lhasa City on the mountain behind the Sera Monastery, you will get a different view. Overlooking the Potala Palace from the Lalu Wetland, you will have a stronger feeling about its majesty; in the Zongjiao Lukang Park under the bottom of the Potala Palace dance like Tibetans. The yogurt and potato strips of the street stalls are the 'McDonald's' of an altitude of 3,700 meters and go to the Barchor Street to buy friends and relatives some gifts which are the blessings of the holy city to you.Or you can do nothing, just stand on the circumlocution road of the Barkhor Street and let the pilgrims and tourists pass you by, and you will also experience the most real Lhasa.No matter whether it is the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, the Barkhor Street or the Norbulingka Summer Palace, there is always one place that can almost go into your heart and become the destination of your soul.

    Best season: March-October. At this time, the rainy season and the freezing winter can be avoided. Lhasa City is located on the northern side of the Himalayas. Affected by downdraft, the weather is sunny throughout the year and the rainfall is rare; winter is not very cold, and summer is not very hot, and it is a semi-arid plateau monsoon climate.

    Suggested traveling length: 2-4 days

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