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  • How to trek to Everest Base Camp?

    2018-08-09 239 Views

    Best Answer

    There are three major trekking:

    A.    Easy short trekking from Rongbuk Monastery to Everest Base Camp;

    B.    Moderate trekking from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp;

    C.    Trekking beyond Everest Base Camp to Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3… Summit.

    Generally speaking, trekking beyond Everest Base Camp to further camps or summit is only available for those very experience trekkers and mountaineers. It needs at least a month or more for the trek. Special permits from Lhasa are required. While the treks and B are achievable goals for most of people who are fit and well prepared. Camping, food supply, transfer, gears can be arranged easily. Following is the detailed guide on the Trek B - Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking which also covers the trek from Rongbuk Monastery to the Everest Base Camp.



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