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  • How to plan Mount Everest Travel?

    2018-08-09 235 Views

    Best Answer

    1. Choose a gateway to start your trip - Lhasa or Kathmandu. Currently travelers usually get to Lhasa first, then travel to Mount Everest. The road from Kathmandu to Mount Everest is not accessible because of earthquake. Travelers can take flights to Lhasa, then escort to Mount Everest. It needs about 2~3 days to travel to Mount Everest;

    2. Decide your travel length. Usually, the classic Mount Everest tour needs at least 8 days, including arrival and tour in Lhasa, sightseeing along the road to Mount Everest (Gyantse and Shigatse) and Mount Everest Visit. You can extend it to 12 days if you want to explore more places or take a trek.



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