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  • Chamdo
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 355 Views
    Chamdo, the center of Kham region, is the birthplace of Kang-pa culture. The 25 holy mountains in Kham area are mostly in the territory of Chamdo. Chamdo is located in the eastern part of Tibet, the middle and upper reaches of the Jinsha River, the L
    Tsedang and Lhokha
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 293 Views
    Shanan, here, is the birthplace of Tibetan culture and is the soul of Tibet. Shanan is the birthplace of Tibetan people and Tibetan culture. There is no unique architecture and no bustling city, but here is the first palace in Tibetan history, the fi
    Mt. Everest & Gyirong border
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 320 Views
    Everest is the main peak of the Himalayas, which is the highest mountain in the world. It is located at the junction of China and Nepal. The north slope is in the territory of Tingri County, Tibet, China, and the southern slope is in Nepal.The top of
    Mt. Kailash and Ngari
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 320 Views
    The tourism area with Mt. Kailash and the holy Lake - Lake Manasarovar as its core is located in Purang County, Ngari area, Tibet Autonomous Region.Mt. Kailash and the holy lake is located in the heart of the Gangdis cultural circle. It is not only t
    Namtso lake and Nagqu
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 315 Views
    Nagqu Town is located in the north-central part of Tibet, between Tanggula Mountain and Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains. It is the largest town in northern Tibet and has a total population of 67,000.The most beautiful and liveliest time in Nagqu is the go
    Nyingchi and Eastern Tibet
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 295 Views
    Tourists’ impression: The lowest altitude in Tibet, beautiful rural scenery, so that you will have a sense of being in the South of China. Fresh air, especially in March it is the most beautiful paradise, and the vegetation is quite dense. Wa
    Shigatse and Gyantse
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 305 Views
    Shigatse is located in the southwest of Tibet and is currently the second largest city in Tibet. It boasts beautiful natural scenery and unique post-Tibetan life. It is known as the “most desirable and beautiful manor”. Continuing to go southward
    Lhasa and nearby
    2018-04-13 吴伟华 339 Views
    Tourists’ impression The "city of sunlight" Lhasa is home to many people's hearts. At an altitude of more than 3,700 meters, the thick religious atmosphere and long history of historical sites make people excited. Walk Into Lhasa Lhasa, in

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