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  • Tibet Travel Permit for Foreigners and Application Procedure(2020)
    2019-12-26 alex 229 Views
    I. What is a Tibet Travel Permit? The Tibet Travel Permit, also called the Tibet Travel Paper or the Tibet Travel Confirmation Letter, is issued by the Tibet Administration of Tourism. It is the required document for non-Chinese citizens to apply
    Instructions for Visiting Potala Palace
    2019-12-25 alex 130 Views
    This article was originally published by Chinaviator, please do not reprint. The Potala Palace is a must-see scenic spot for Tibetan tourists. Due to the particularity of Potala Palace, there are many things to pay attention to when visiting
    How to enjoy the trip to Tibet? First-time traveler Note
    2019-12-25 alex 120 Views
    This article was originally published by Chinaviator, please do not reprint The Tibet Autonomous Region is very large, with an area of 1.2 million square kilometers, accounting for one eighth of China's total area, the equivalent of&nb
    How to get to Mt.Kailash?
    2018-08-10 249 Views
    As a holy pilgrimage site for different religious faiths, there are different land routes for visitors to reach Mount Kailash. And the most popular way to choose is via Tibet.Travel from Tibet: the most popular way for most foreign tourists to arriv
    What can we know about Mt. Kailash ?
    2018-08-10 373 Views
    Mount Kailash as one of the ten mountains in China is located in Burang County, in the far southwestern Tibet. Literally meaning mountain of God, Mount Kailash is a holy mountain worshiped by four influential religions, including Bön, Buddhism, Hin
    What is the altitude of Lhasa? What’s the weather like in Lhasa?
    2018-08-10 209 Views
    Lhasa is located in the middle of Tibet, which is the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region and also the center of politics, economy and culture. Lhasa is located on the roof of the world with an altitude of 3658 meters, which is one of the highest citi
    How is the climate in Tibet?
    2018-08-09 235 Views
    Most areas of Tibet is a high-altitude desert plateau at more than 4000m. Days in summer( June to September) are warm, sunny and generally dry, but temperatures drop quickly after dark. It’s always cool above 4000m and often freezing at night, thou
    Which etiquette is there in Tibet?
    2018-08-09 213 Views
    Clothing: Don’t wear brief skirts or shorts, especially at religious sites.Pointing: Don’t point at people or statues with your finger, use your full upturned hand.Touching: Don’t pat children on the head, as the head is considered sacred in Ti
    How to get to Mt. Everest from Lhasa ? What are the routes?
    2018-08-09 5973 Views
    Currently there is no airport on or near Mount Everest, as well as no railway built to Mount Everest. China and Nepal are said to be discuss building a railway connecting Lhasa with Kathmandu which will pass by Mount Everest. The only way to get to M
    How to plan Mount Everest Travel?
    2018-08-09 235 Views
    1. Choose a gateway to start your trip - Lhasa or Kathmandu. Currently travelers usually get to Lhasa first, then travel to Mount Everest. The road from Kathmandu to Mount Everest is not accessible because of earthquake. Travelers can take flights to
    How to trek to Everest Base Camp?
    2018-08-09 239 Views
    There are three major trekking:A.    Easy short trekking from Rongbuk Monastery to Everest Base Camp;B.    Moderate trekking from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp;C.    Trekking beyond Everest Base Camp to Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3… Summit.Gen
    Which festivals are there in Tibet?
    2018-08-09 208 Views
    It is based on the Buddhist culture in Tibet, and the Tibetan Buddhism affects all aspects of people’s life. At the same time, they have their own customs and folkways. There are so many different Buddhist festivals every year. So I will tell you s
    What to see in Jokhang Temple?
    2018-08-09 161 Views
    Life-sized Statue of ShakyamuniThe Jowo Rinpoche (or Jowo Shayamuni), a life-sized (5 foot/1.5m) statue of the Shakyamuni of age 12, is the treasure of Jokhang Temple as well as the great collection of Tibet. It is said that the Jowo Rinpoche was
    Which areas require the Alien’s Travel Permit?
    2018-08-09 153 Views
    Presently, only Lhasa and Nagqu are opened to foreigners and all other areas are regarded as unopened areas for foreigners. Aliens’ Travel Permit as one of essential document is a must to visit them, including:1.    Shigatse Area: including Sak
    Which monasteries are there in Tibet?
    2018-08-09 162 Views
    Buddhism is essence of Tibetan culture. And monasteries are the best place to experience Buddhism. You can see devout and knowledgeable lamas in every monastery you visit. Besides, Tibet monasteries are also featured in spectacular architectural styl

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